Scott Mallory - Licensee/Lead Organizer, Founder

Scott Mallory founded TEDxECUAD after a powerful experience connecting and participating in TED2016 as a featured video artist and Masters candidate of ECUAD.  He focuses on personal work with video and sound art, filmmaking, visual effects and 3D animation, live instrumentation and electronic music, writing and performance, and is exploring motion capture and virtual reality.  He teaches media arts and ESL, and does media industry work from time to time.     



Polly Gibbons - Lead Curator

Polly Gibbons is an artist and curator based in Surrey, BC. She has recently earned her MAA in visual arts from Emily Carr University. She is a founding member of the AgentC Projects Curatorial Collective and is president of the SOFIA/collective, an interdisciplinary and intercultural artists collective operating in the region south of the Fraser River. Her prior life as a brain researcher informs her art research. She is interested in the points of connection between the arts and the sciences and is currently undertaking an embodied exploration of neuroplasticity through the process of learning to surf.

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Heejon Choi - Curator

Born and raised in Korea, Heejon Choi began her formal arts education at Kyung Hee University specializing in drawing and painting. She received her Master of Science at Sogang University and participated in computer vision projects as a researcher. A media artist, Heejon, worked on interactive installations featured in several galleries in Seoul, Korea. She currently attends Emily Carr University of Art + Design as a Master of Applied Arts candidate. Her practices lie in the interdisciplinary area where art, technology and even science are intertwined, and in particular, she is interested in an exploration of impressionistic use of data in art practice. 


Noelle Peach - Curator

Noelle Peach is currently an ESL teacher and curriculum developer with a patchwork background in bar management and academia. She comes to the TEDx team having primarily experienced TED as an engaging and inspiring teaching tool. When not reveling in the sociological experiment that is the teaching and learning process, Noelle documents her daily life in all its minutiae with her ever-present camera.

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Desiree J. Douglas - Curator

Desiree J. Douglas – a research grants specialist by trade and a R&B Soul musician/performing artist by passion – joins the TEDxECUAD team with a decade+ of special event planning experience, having been a part of the Annual Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parades and the Annual Silver Spring Jazz Festivals (Maryland), as well as the Sweet Auburn Music Festivals (Atlanta, GA).  In her personal time, she teaches voice, inspirational/Gospel choirs, and songwriting, and is the founder of her own grants consulting firm.


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Sha Li - Curator

Sha Li is a third-year Film + Video and Integrated Media student at Emily Carr University. For her, filmmaking is making the unseen seen. Li's background is classical music, she began to play the piano at the age of six and won multiple gold medals at the Kiwanis Music Festival. Before studying film, she was an exhibition coordinator at a German/Chinese contemporary art gallery - White Space Beijing. Her main focus in life is to live unexpectedly.



Brittany Nickerson - Sponsorship and Budgets Lead

Brittany Nickerson is a Masters of Applied Arts candidate at Emily Carr University with a specialty in photography. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Design in the Visual Arts department.

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Michael Peter - Event Production

Michael Peter is an interdisciplinary creative who’s currently a FND student at Emily Carr University. As a third-culture-kid, he has developed a fluidity in his works drawing inspiration from all around the globe. Graduating high school with an International baccalaureate Diploma, he recently moved to Canada from Qatar to pursue his Bachelor of Design. Organizing three consecutive International Model UN Conferences, he has gained substantial experience in event management and spacial design. Joining the TEDxECUAD team, he knows you will have a seamless time at this conference.


Daisy Huang - Event Production & Communication

Daisy Huang is a foundation student involved in design at Emily Carr University. She moved to Canada from China with her family in 2009, and received high school education in Vancouver, absorbing Canadian culture while maintaining Chinese culture. She is also heavily influenced by Japanese anime culture, and looks forward to studying animation in coming years. In her own time, she has been practicing digital illustration for five years, and has video editing experience. She now joins the TEDxECUAD team and is passionate about learning new skills beyond and related to her long term career goal as an animator.


Kimberly Parker - Design Lead

Kimberly Parker is a third-year Illustration student and research assistant at Emily Carr University. Involved in indie game production for several years, primarily in concept design and 2d illustration, she has had work featured in Kotaku, Wired, The Verge, and Rock Paper Shotgun among others. Co-director of Rain City Illustration, she also curates the East Van Art Collective, a website of collected resources for Vancouver artists.

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Megan Kwan - Communications Lead & Design

Megan Kwan is currently finishing up her Bachelor of Design in Communication Design. She was the art director for Current Issue No. 6, a selected participant for Design Camp 15 in Denmark, and is currently working as an in-house designer and social media manager for a local boutique. She is interested in art direction, publication and systems design. She also finds it strange to be writing in third person but continues to do so.

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Mona Fani - Video Production Lead

Mona Fani is currently a third year student at Emily Carr University completing her degree in Film + Video and Integrated Media. She's created various short films that have been screened at the university and her earlier work called Finding Faith was showcased at the Edmonton International Film Festival in 2013. You may have spotted her riding her moped around Vancouver wearing a bright yellow coat. She hails all the way from Alberta (and no, she didn't ride her moped all the from there...)

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Mark Elwin Somo - Video Production Co-Lead

Mark Elwin Somo is a photographer from the Philippines. He came to Canada to pursue a degree in photography at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and eventually venturing into filmmaking. Mark is now a third year student taking up a major in Film, Video and Integrated Media at ECUAD. Now a photographer cum filmmaker, he aims to combine his discipline and aesthetics in photography into his filmmaking. Mark has completed several short films during his stay in Vancouver, and some of which were featured in media shows.

Bianca Gueco - Videographer

Born in Philippines and raised in Dubai, UAE, Bianca Gueco moved to Vancouver, BC to study the luxurious aesthetics of visual art. She is currently in her third year at Emily Carr University majoring in Film, Video and Integrated Media. Her love for drawing and photography developed into an ambition for filmmaking, from documenting family events to writing and producing screenplays. Bianca has worked on numerous projects that gain her hands on experience in various departments of principal photography. Regardless of the type of project, her goal as a future Director of Photography is to create images that will tell a story.


Curation: Polly Gibbons, Heejon Choi, Noelle Peach, Desiree J. Douglas, Sha Li, Nani Gonzalez, Alana McFarlane, Shamin Zahabioun  Sponsorships + Budgets: Brittany Nickerson  Event Production: Michael Peter, Daisy Huang, Emily Grier, Charisma Christal, Yue Pan, Sanya Arora, Tiffany Kao  Design: Kimberly Parker, Ying Tang, Cindy Nachareun, Almira Silva, Joo Hee Chung, Celine Hong, Dhanha Lee, Nasim, Yusho Nishioka, Vivian Ngo, Gabriella Li, Aaron Baart, Peter Sheng, Melinda Meng, Yuta Li, Sabaah Moffedi  Communications: Megan Kwan, Christina Hsu, Yuriy Kyrzov, Natalie Chen, Brooke Taylor, Lesley Wu, Shruti Gupta, Arhea Mawhinney, Sandra Han  Video Production: Mona Fani, Mark Elwin Bradford, Bianca Gueco, So-lin Kim, Yeonoo Park, Jason Kuo, Jiwon Lee, Somit, Adiba Muzaffar, Laura Krick       

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