Our team is welcoming and open-minded, and we love the unexpected. We admire and appreciate the innovation the global, local, and Emily Carr communities have to offer, and love putting our voices together to create something new. Email us at team@tedxecuad.ca if you’re interested in any of our programs, or if you’d like to propose one!



Eligibility: ECUAD undergrad students, other local university students

By joining our team, ECUAD undergrad students earn university credits while gaining career experience in their discipline. We highly value the talents, dedication and character of Emily Carr students, and have roles for all skill levels in our Curation, Sponsorships + Budgets, Design, Communications, Video Production and Event Production departments. This is a chance to develop and showcase your craft while having fun working with, learning from and getting to know more of the ECUAD community and the TEDx family. We find the responsibilities you’re most interested in, and design your position together. To learn more about them, see the TEDx Roles.  

A TEDxECUAD event takes a full academic year to produce, and the internship can be joined any semester. See Emily Carr Undergrad Co-Op Education or visit the Career + Professional Development Office.

Field Practice Partner

Eligibility: ECUAD third and fourth year undergrad students

A non-profit organization, we offer full-time and part-time opportunities for third and fourth year ECUAD students to gain work experience as part of their Field Practices course. Students work in a team-oriented professional workflow, and various production environments depending on their discipline. 

A TEDxECUAD event takes a full academic year to produce, and positions are open for any semester. Roles may be customized for your needs, and must be negotiated with your professor. To learn more about possible responsibilities, see the TEDx Roles. 

Vice Lead

Eligibility: ECUAD affiliates

The Vice Lead “shadows” the Lead Organizer, learning the ins and outs of organizing a TEDx event. You would play a strong role in assisting the executive team with logistics across the 6 departments of our 60-member organization, while contributing ideas and actively engaging with the TEDx community. This includes the key responsibility of interacting with other global TEDx Organizers and TED Staff regularly through video meetings, workshops, forums and shared archives for improving our strategies, bringing fresh insights back to our team. This position may segue into taking on the TEDxECUAD Licensee/Lead Organizer or Co-Organizer role for future events, although it would require that you be an ECUAD student, faculty or staff (not just alumni or recent graduate) at the time of license renewal. See Organize a local TEDx event. 

Designer in Residence

Eligibility: Open call, ECUAD alumni encouraged

We aim to build creative relationships with local designers to fabricate iconic objects for our venue based on the event theme -- such as TEDx letters for the stage and photo ops, installations, furniture for social areas, custom gift bag items for speakers and attendees, and anything else you and the team might dream up. We favor bold and creative use of recycled materials, and welcome aspiring and established designers to collaborate and engage with our team and community in unique ways while we highlight your process. See Greening your TEDx.   

TEDxECUAD   Film + Screen Arts Festival

Eligibility: Open call (international) 

We invite filmmakers and artists to interpret our event theme through their own artistic lens, and submit screen based works (narrative, experimental, animation, etc.) to show during or leading up to our event -- projected in the venue, on screen between live talks, or in spaces in or near our campus. Works are also featured and kept online. This adds a special dynamic to how the community engages with and revisits our theme, and adds variety to the event program. Apply here! 


Eligibility: Open call (international)

Have something you’d like to add to some aspect of our production? We love collaborating with local and global talent -- whether it be music for our videos, themed promo animations, logo motion graphics, a pro touch to event management, custom app for attendees, illustrations, works of art, etc. This opportunity is for specialized projects that don’t fit the scope of officially joining the team long term, and is suited for individuals and independent creators. If you have a brand or company, an official partnership would be more appropriate.        



Have an idea for a new initiative connected to our event and/or theme? -- A community project? Workshop? Special exhibition? Let us know!